Codecepticon is a .NET application that allows you to obfuscate C#, VBA/VB6 (macros), and PowerShell source code, and is developed for offensive security engagements such as Red/Purple Teams. What separates Codecepticon from other obfuscators is that it targets the source code rather than the compiled executables, and was developed specifically for AV/EDR evasion.

Codecepticon allows you to obfuscate and rewrite code, but also provides features such as rewriting the command line as well. Presented at 44Con in 2022.

Remote Password

Remote Password management that was developed to prevent passwords from being hardcoded into scripts, allowing to passwords to be disabled remotely.


CrackerJack is a Web GUI developed for Hashcat.


SnitchDNS is a Database Driven DNS Server developed with offensive security in mind, presented at BlackHat EU Arsenal 2020.


An ElectronJS Post Exploitation toolkit that allows you to backdoor applications such as Slack, Skype, Teams, Bitwarden, and more. Presented at BSidesLV 2019 and Defcon Demo Labs 27.